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February 2019 Mid-Month Bonus

Topics: The Vantage Point: Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center Grand Opening; Human Vitality Likes a Challenge, and Humanin Chimes in for Mitochondria;  Classic FMU: Jeffrey Mechanick, MD

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February 2019

Topics: A Brief History of Glucose; Food for Thought Video Series: Type 2 Diabetes (3 Parts); To Cultivate Metabolic Flexibility, Honor the Past; Smoke Muddies the Waters for Genes – Across Generations; Explore the FMU Knowledgebase

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January 2019 Mid-Month Bonus

Topics: The Vantage Point: Scripps 2019; Food for Thought Video: The Calorie; Eating Healthy Aids Weight Loss Regardless of Carbs or Genetics (Study); Classic FMU: Patrick Hanaway, MD

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January 2019

Topics: Happy New Year Message; Save the Date: The Seventh Annual Thought Leaders Consortium; Microbiome Links to Geographic Location; Video: A Tribute to Dr. Vera Stejskal; The Many Functions of AMPK; The Relationship Between AMPK and Vitamin D

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