Synthesis by Jeffrey Bland
“ We need to listen to the patients' story and develop a response to it. The approach to complex syndromes may be much more profound than just trying to point a round peg into a square hole and get a singular diagnosis. ”
Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD

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Synthesis by Jeffrey Bland, PhD

Date Topics 
1/1/1998 John G. Babish BIOsignal
HIV, acetaminophen, phase 2 detoxification, NAPQI, caffeine clearance, cirrhosis, Phen/Fen, breast cancer, soy, equol, enterolactone, osteoporosis, macular degeneration, lutein, coconut oil, signal transduction, phytoceuticals, NFkB Listen Now
2/1/1998 Stanislaw Burzynski Burzynski Research Institute
Aging, genes, cancer, telomeres, p53, detoxification enzymes, breast cancer, xenoestrogens, phytoestrogens, isoflavones, cou- mestans, lignans, phytohormones, colonic bacteria, coenzyme Q10, melatonin, antineoplastons, farnesylation, statins Listen Now
3/1/1998 Steve Austin Center for Natural Medicine
CRP, COPD, GALT, acetaldehyde, curcumin, quercitin, boswellia, pycnogenol, cancer, adriamycin, cardiac toxicity, Ginkgo biloba, NAC, phenolics, catechins, green tea, feverfew, insulin-like growth factor, myelin, breast milk, isoflavones, phytoestrogens Listen Now
4/1/1998 Derrick Lonsdale Private Practice
Human Genome Project, VCAMs, ICAMs, fish oil, CVD,amalgams, mercury, prions, spongiform encephalopathy, Mad Cow disease, red cell transketolase, thiamin, allithiamine, lymphadenopathies, Gilbert's syndrome, detoxification, FM, CFS, Krebs cycle Listen Now
5/1/1998 Eleanor Barriger
APD; Barbara Schiltz
CN; Dan Lukaczer
ND Functional Medicine Research Ctr
Managed Care, spina bifida, diabetes, blindness, weight loss, fatty acids, asthma, COPD, POS, hepatic injury, acarbose, toxic megacolon, GI lumen, NO, glutaricacidemia, H. pylori, CVD, phytonutrients, Gulf War Syndrome, cancer, elimination diet Listen Now
6/1/1998 Kenneth Bock Rhinebeck Health Center
ADRs, nutrient overdose, adenine, ulcerative colitis, short-chain fatty acids, ApoE4, estrogen, aluminum, Wilson's disease, dialysis, nephrotoxins, mercury, thyroid hormones, acarbose, Lyme disease, Tourette's syndrome, CFS, total load, drug toxicity Listen Now
7/1/1998 Sherry A. Rogers Private Practice
Longevity, oxidative damage, indoor air pollutants, hepatoprotec- tion, hyperhomocysteinemia, French Paradox, colorectal chrono- therapy, cancer, Hmg CoA reductase, arthritis, environmental medicine, depression, gut-brain, calcium channel blockers Listen Now
8/1/1998 Regina Herzlinger Harvard Business School
Folic acid, heart disease, hyperhomocysteinemia, mitochondrial mutations, ADRs, flavonoids, DNA damage, antioxidants, PD, vegetables, GI health, NO, brain-gut connection, HIV, gluten, celiac disease, ABO blood type, GALT, tocotrienols, breast cancer Listen Now
9/1/1998 Neal Barnard George Washington University
Folate, folic acid, pain, glutathione S transferase, breast cancer, DASH Study, CVD, aspirin, platelet aggregation, thrombosis, glucosamine, atherogenesis, Crohn's disease, animal husbandry, transgenic plants, psychiatry, hormones Listen Now
10/1/1998 David Jones Private Practice
Organ reserve, aging, oxidative stress, methylation, glycation, GALT, arthritis, calcium, NO, chondrocytes, gamma tocopherol, glucosamine, phytonutrients, liver detoxification, detoxification enzymes, homocysteine, IPA, naringenin Listen Now
11/1/1998 Gerald L. Lemole Jefferson Medical College
Locus of control, environment, memory, environmental exposure, liver disease, silymarin, telomerase, Drosophila melanogaster, gerontology, AIDS, coenzyme Q10, lovastatin, prostate cancer, MI, ulcers, horse chestnut seed extract, lipoproteins, atherogenesis Listen Now
12/1/1998 Robert Lerman Functional Medicine Research Center
Mind-body, Finnish Smoker's Study, mitochondrial mutations, CFS, mitochondrial myopathy, nucleotide transcription, HIV, transmethylation, pernicious anemia, DASH Study, TPN, cardiomyopathy, diabetic neuropathy, obesity, essential fatty acids Listen Now

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