Immunity is a communication system. Personalized immunity is how you connect to your health, your community, nature, and our planet.


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The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

Founded in 2012 and known for the annual Thought Leaders Consortium conference, the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine (PLMI) has grown to be a respected educational nonprofit organization under the direction of Dr. Jeff Bland. Follow PLMI for information about upcoming events. Visit the FREE online education portal to view the archive.

Get to Know Dr. Jeff Bland

He’s frequently referred to as the Father of Functional Medicine, and he’s also an iconic figure in the establishment and growth of the natural products industry. Today, Dr. Jeff Bland’s goal is to change the global conversation about immunity and get people thinking about personalization in an entirely new way.

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“The Disease Delusion is the manifesto for the new medicine. Every medical student, every stakeholder in health care, and every government leader involved in health policy should read it. For the rest of us, it is our road map to true health and healing.”

– Foreword by Dr. Mark Hyman