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April 2000 Issue | Dr. William Kelly

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO | Welcome to Functional Medicine Update for April 2000. This is the last month before our Seventh International Symposium on Functional Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona. I hope you have made plans to attend that extraordinary celebration. New information will be presented on bioenergetics and its clinical applications in functional medicine. We look forward … Continued

June 2000 Issue | Robert Rountree, MD

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO | Welcome to Functional Medicine Update for June 2000. It is a month since the Seventh International Symposium on Functional Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona. Thank you to those who were a part of that symposium. If you missed it, you may want to order the tapes and syllabus. This month in FMU we will focus … Continued

October 2000 Issue | James S. Gordon, MD

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO | Welcome to Functional Medicine Update for October 2000. This month we will have a special interview with an Expert of the Month, along with our traditional Clinician of the Month interview. This month’s focus is on the role of complementary and alternative medicine in cancer prevention and treatment, and the prospects for … Continued

December 1999 Issue | Tieraona Low Dog, MD

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO | I recently read an article that concisely stated something that coincides with my thinking. An article in the Lancet, titled “The Human Genome Project and the Future of Diagnostics, Treatment, and Prevention”1 effectively summarized 18 ½ years of Metabolic Update, Preventive Medicine Update, and Functional Medicine Update and pointed forward to the future. I’d like to quote … Continued

June 2016 ISSUE | Rob Knight

  DOWNLOAD AUDIO | THE INTERVIEW Rob Knight, PhD Professor, Department of Pediatrics Additional Appointment, Department of Computer Science University of California, San Diego   So here we are in our 2016 podcast version of Functional Medicine Update and really I think we’re out of the blocks with a bang, so to speak. We’re … Continued

December 2011 Issue | Susan Brienza, PhD, Esq Regulatory Attorney

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO | Welcome to Functional Medicine Update for December 2011. Let me start this issue with a little bit of a provocation. We all have learned certain aphorisms that indicate or symbolize things that are beyond words. Let’s use the little aphorism “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” What does that really … Continued

May 2011 Issue | Mark Hyman, MD Chairman, Institute for Functional Medicine – Anniversary Issue

  DOWNLOAD AUDIO | Anniversaries: FMU Marks 30 Years While IFM Celebrates 20 Here we are at the May 2011 edition of Functional Medicine Update. This is the 30thanniversary of this audio/digital information product. Over 30 years I’ve interviewed luminaries and thought leaders that have created the context of change, the evolution of what I used to say was 21st century … Continued

January 2008 Issue | Eleanor Rogan, PhD

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO | DOWNLOAD SUMMARY NOTES |    Welcome to Functional Medicine Update for January 2008. Yes, we are starting a new year, and what a year it is going to be. With many things on the horizon, I think this field of functional medicine is going to continue to wake up and move into … Continued

May 2003 Issue | David J. Musnick, MD, MPH

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO | Welcome to Functional Medicine Update for May 2003. I begin with an interesting clinical anecdote. You may wonder why anyone would want to read all the research papers we have cited over the years of FMU. Sometimes it is hard to know exactly how to answer that question, but there are a few … Continued

June 2002 Issue | Paul Reilly, ND

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO | Welcome to Functional Medicine Update for June 2002. The theme of this month’s issue, which I think is appropriate for our 20th anniversary, is cancer, a functional disease that requires functional medicine. That is a bold statement. In the next 90 minutes I hope to make that theme become more than an … Continued